Fish Bowl is THIS WEEKEND!

Our second Bi-Annual Milwaukee Fish Bowl will be held the weekend of October 22nd & 23rd.  We have 5 great speakers, lots of silent auctions, a decorating contest, a swap on Sunday, and  a bowling party.  Check out the details at Milwaukee Fish Bowl.

Fred Krause is generously donating nearly 50 bags of fish to the mini auctions on Saturday.  After Ian’s talk he is hosting an open house at his fish room in Muskego for anyone who would like to come. There will even be a giveaway for some fish at his house also.

Fred will be at the event Saturday and will be bringing his photo albums of his trips in the Amazon, Africa, and Southeast Asia to tell the tales of his travels. You can get directions to his house from Fred on Saturday.

Sidenote #1: There will be a contest among non-Milwaukee clubs.  The club with the most members in attendance will win a $100 restaurant and bar tab at the New Berlin Ale House (Home of the Milwaukee Fish Bowl). Word has it Chicago may have a contingent! It’s all about total number by 4 on Saturday.  Make sure you identify your club when you’re checking in.

Sidenote #2: 6 danios, a tiny net, a 75 gallon tank (Upgraded from a 55, thank you Aqueon).  $5 entry and the fastest to catch all 6 danios will walk away with the complete setup.  I’ve been practicing, ignore the puddle in front of my tank.  Got my time just under half an hour so far.

Sidenote #3: The tank decorating contest is at capacity.  Setup can start at 9, so use that extra hour to make your tank extra awesome.  Good luck to all the participants.  Voting will be strictly by registered attendees.  We’re working on getting the word out, if you have ideas to spread the word, share them with Rock Smith.  Did anyone see the ad in Amazonas?!?

Sidenote #4: There will be a swap from 10 until 2 on Sunday, and the bowling party for Fish Bowl Attendees will be at 3.


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2 Responses to Fish Bowl is THIS WEEKEND!

  1. Rock Smith says:

    There will be a swap on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. that is open to the public

  2. Craig says:

    Interesting info and 50 bags of fish is a VERY generous donation, trust it all went well!

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