New Home of MAS – familiar Territory!

Have you ever been to New Berlin Ale House? MAS Swap? Auction? Christmas Party? What about Fish Bowl 2014 or 2016?

Then you have been to the new home of our monthly meetings! We have secured a meeting space in the New Berlin Ale House for every 2017 meeting. November will be our last scheduled meeting at Central Aquatics in Franklin. On behalf of the board and the club, our most heartfelt thanks for the use of the venue, and all their continued support for the  club.

Dates for 2017 (Since I’ve got your attention anyway):
January 8th – Swap
January 20th – General Meeting Speaker – Chris Carpenter (Shellies)
February 17th – General Meeting – Badger Fishermen’s League (Walleyes for Tomorrow)
March 5th – Auction
March 17th – General Meeting, Speaker – Joel Antkowiak (Killifish)
April 2nd – Swap
April 21st – General Meeting, Speaker – Ashley Smith (No relation to Rock)
May 19th – General Meeting, Speaker – Rob Lupton (Freshwater Shrimp)
June 16th – General Meeting, Speaker – Matt Pederson (Saltwater topic)
July – No meeting, Picnic is tentative
August 18th – General Meeting, Speaker – Jack Spenser
September – No meeting due to Cataclysm
October 20th – General Meeting, Speaker – Mike Hellweg
October 22nd – Auction
November 12th – Swap
November 17th – General Meeting, Speaker – Rick Borstein
December 3rd – Christmas Party

If you’d like to import all of these dates into your calendar, use this file:mas-calendar

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