Who are you calling SHRIMP?

May’s speaker will be Robert Lupton, who is visiting us from Youngstown, Ohio.  His talk is titled “How to Keep and Breed Ornamental Shrimp”.  The program is design to give a beginner shrimp keeper all the tools they need to have success with shrimp keeping. This includes: proper setup, diseases, parasites, water changes, etc.
Robert Lupton currently lives near Youngstown Ohio. Robert graduated from Westminster College with a degree in accounting. After college, he managed a medical weight loss center where he learned the basics of business. As time went on, he realized the need for a United States supplier for American bred shrimp. After months of planning, he decided to quit his job and start FLIP Aquatics, LLC. Robert currently has the business set up in Youngstown Ohio where he is the countries largest producer of freshwater shrimp.

The first half hour is for introductions and catching up.  Doors close and our speaker will begin as promptly at 7 as is possible. During the presentation, please  be respectful of the other attendees, as well as the speaker and take any private discussions to the bar, oh, and please silence your phones.  Those who wish to dine after the meeting, we have arranged for a waitress to handle food and drink orders in our meeting room after the meeting. 

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