2019 MAS Board Nominations coming up!

Anyone considering throwing your hat in the ring for the 2019 board, please either be in attendance at the October meeting, or notify Rock Smith so that we can get you on the ballot.

I will outline what board positions are or may become available, and what would be expected of you, should you choose to run and win the seat.

The board meets one week before the monthly meetings, usually in the evening.  We’ve been doing the Thursday 8 days before the meeting, but are flexible to accommodate the schedules of the board members.  Board members are expected to attend as many meetings as are possible.  We try to get the dates set up early in the year, so they’re on everyone’s calendars, and if scheduling conflicts arise, we try to work around them when and if we can.  You won’t get kicked off the board for missing a meeting for your surgery or a kid’s dance recital, but I think you get the picture.

Board meetings are held at the home of a board member, that calendar gets locked down when we’re selecting the dates.  A light meal and beverages are provided by the host.  The host gets $50 from the club for hosting and providing the food.  You don’t need to account for every penny, but don’t give out Ramen and water bottles and expect to be hosting much 😊.  The host usually shows off their tanks/fish room subsequently.  NOTE: If you will not be comfortable hosting, don’t let that prevent you from joining the board.  There are plenty of us who can pick up any slack, needs be.

The meetings usually take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on how many times we get sidetracked, and how much is on the agenda to be discussed.  We need at least 4 board members present for a quorum, so we will usually send out an email the week before confirming everyone’s attendance.  If we won’t have enough for a quorum, we will reschedule, but we try hard to avoid that, as the club’s business needs to be handled.

The board positions and their responsibilities (roughly speaking):

President – Face of the club, runs general meetings, sends out crap like this.  To be eligible, must have been a member of the board the preceding year

Vice President – Backup of President, potential alternative views, no requirement of prior board membership.

Treasurer – Handles the accounting for the club, including payment of speakers, collection of dues and fees, the voice of the pocketbook. To be eligible, must have been a member of the board the preceding year

Secretary – Records meeting notes, both at board meetings and general meetings.

Sergeant at Arms – Keeper of the peace, facilitator of meetings

Member at Large (2) – No direct responsibilities, but are encouraged to participate in club initiatives (CARES, BAP, HAP, PAP, Fish Bowl)

Of the members of the present board, the following have expressed interest (but this is tentative, so don’t be shy)

President – Due to work constraints, Rock Smith will be stepping down as President at the end of 2018

Vice President –

Treasurer –

Secretary –

Sergeant at Arms –

Members at Large

None of the positions are guaranteed, if you want to step up and run for one of the eligible positions, competition is a good thing.  Please note that according to our club constitution, the positions of President and Treasurer require standing as a board member, all other positions are eligible, should you wish to run.

When I have definitive answers from the existing board, I will spread the word.  I will also publish this information to the general club membership, in case there is someone who is a member of the club who might have interest, but were not on our collective radar.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have,

President, Milwaukee Aquarium Society



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