One of the benefits of Milwaukee Aquarium Society membership is access to our wonderful  library.  After the first 3 months of membership MAS members are allowed to take out one or several books from our library at one of the general monthly meetings so long as they return the items (or recheck them out) at the next monthly meeting.  We have created a current list of our library items to give members (and perspective members) an idea of what we have available.  Click Here for the list. We hope that the library continues to be used and supported so we can add both materials and potentially better services to our members.

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  1. Scott Freimark says:

    I was given your contact info via some local aquarium/fish dealers. We have a very large collection of fish/aquarium magazines from the 1980s & 1990s that are in need of a loving home. Years ago my father had several large live coral/salt water fish tanks. Unfortunately, the fish tanks are gone, but he relives his love of the “reef” via his cherished magazine collection. Sadly my father has an aggressive form of leukemia and limited time remaining; he would like the magazine collection to go to someone who would appreciate them. If you would like them or if you know anyone who would be interested in them, please contact me at the attached email or via phone 414-640-9175. Thank you.

    • Rock Smith says:

      I will bring this up with the board on Saturday, and, if we don’t have any feedback from that, at the General Meeting next Friday. I’m very sorry to hear of your father’s condition. I’m sure we can find someone in the club who will appreciate the collection.

  2. Al Muchka says:


    I am curator of History collections at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Recently I came across a photograph from 191 showing a very nice exhibit at the old library/museum building of fish put on by the Miwlaukee Aquarium Society in 1916.

    Might you have a history of the Miwlaukee Aquarium Society, when it was established, maybe a list of officers from the time of the exhibit, 1916? I would like to complete the documentation of the photograph for future researchers.

    Thank you for your time,

    Al Muchka
    Curator of Collections, History
    Milwaukee Public Museum

    • Rock Smith says:

      I will reach out to the members of the club who predated me, and see what documentation/information might be available. I’ve often wondered about the history of the club.


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