Cichlids for sale!
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Cichlids for sale!

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Pick up East side Madison. Or I am willing to meet at the half way point between madison and Milwaukee. If you spend at least $50 


I can email or text pictures. All sizes are an estimate.

email -

Phone - (920) 268-5262

7 guianacara sphenozona @ 2”. A very attractive guianacara that gets a nice red color trough it’s body as it gets older. These fish have just started breeding. I’ve seen eggs once so far. They’re a first time spawn for the club as well. Asking $50 for the group

6 hemichromis exsul @ 3/4” asking $50 for 6 of them.Only 1 or 2 groups left of this really great looking mellow mannered jewel cichlid.

Proven breeding pair of amatitlania septemfasciata. Male 4” and female 3”. $20 for the pair 

Proven breeding group of haplochromis sp. black torpedo. I have 7 or 8 of them ranging from 2-3”. These guys are pretty mellow for Victorian. Males get jet black with a orange/red tail and have a torpedo shaped body. I don’t know the sex ratio. For sure 2 female and 1 dominant male in the group. Asking $50 for the group.

6 krobia xinguensis @ 4” they should start pairing off and breeding soon. A peaceful and unique looking acara type cichlid. Asking $90 for the group. 

  • feel free to make me offers on anything I posted. The worst I can say is no.

Thanks for looking!


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long shot but are the krobias still available? shipping an option if i pay more for the fish plus shipping? thanks lmk!