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What are you bringing to the swap?

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I have been told that I am about the only one using this forum any more but just in case anyone is interested.
Here is what I am bringing to the swap.
Italian Valisneria---several large bunches
Assassin snails
Nickle size……Blue Silvers, Blue Ghosts, Lace Pinoys, all with a single dose of Bulgarian Green. Also some New Platinums.
Half Dollar size………Silvers, Black Veils, Blue Silvers
Adult size……….Blue Silvers, Black Veils, A few Pinoys, New Platinums. The new platinums are double dose Bulgarian Green. They look the same as regular Platinums but they have reversed stripes.
Corydoras……Aeneus Cories, Albino Cories, Ehrhardti Cories, Panda Cories, Metae Cories
Bristlenose plecos…….Caiico, Brown, Small Longfin Albino


Might even have a Proven Pair of Zebra Angelfish if anyone is interested.
Always open to pre-orders. If you are interested in anything let me know as I might be too lazy to bag everything on the list.