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Domestic Angelfish Genetic Notations

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Nine active loci at this time..

1) Dark, Marble, Goldmarble, gold

Dark (D) – incomplete Dominate

Marble (M) – incomplete Dominate

Goldmarble (Gm) – Dominate

Gold (g) - Recessive
2) Zebra, Stripless

Zebra (Z) – Dominate

Stripeless (S) - Dominate
3) Smokey (Sm) - Dominate
4) Half Black (h) - Recessive
5) Albino (a) - Recessive
6) Philippine Blue  (pb) - Recessive

7) Veil (V) - Dominate
8) Pearlscale (p) - Recessive
9) Streaked  (St)- Dominate

A new gene, Bulgarian green(bg), has recently been discovered and developed by Raiko Slavkov in Bulgaria. It appears to be on its own Locus at this time. It is a recessive gene, not expressing in single dose. One Phenotype of this gene when combined with a Dark gene is a Bulgarian Seal Point, a white fish with Black dorsal and anal fins. Another Phenotype when combined with a wild gene is a white fish with reversed stripes and a little black in the fins. Other Phenotypes have yet to emerge.

Dark (D) incomplete dominant, Gold (g) recessive and Marble (M) incomplete dominant, (Gm) Goldmarble dominant

Dominate genes are indicated with a capitol letter and the first in the bracket. ex: Stripless - Ghost: S/+ Generally dominate genes express with heterozygous traits.

Recessive genes are indicated with a lower case letter and are second in the bracket. ex: Albino (het) +/a Generally recessive genes do not express in heterozygous form, only in homozygous form.

Heterozygous: One gene (het)

Homozygous: two genes

Some genes do not show unless the fish is homozygous for the gene

Geneotype: What genes the fish carries

Phenotype: What you see as expression as far as color, pattern, and/or finnage.

To this day, there are not any gender specific traits that have been found. Although in general the males seem to be larger and more “robust” looking.

Wild-type is designated by (+).

Standard (short fin): +/+
Veil: V/+
Superveil: V/V

Flat scales: +/p
Bubble-like Scales: p/p

Smokey: Sm/+
Chocolate: SM/SM

Half Black
Silver: +/h
Half Black: h/h

Silver: +/a
Albino: a/a

Ghost: S/+
Blushing: S/S

Z/Z double dose or DD

Philippine Blue
Silver: +/pb
Blue: pb/pb

Dark (black)
Lace: D/+
Black or Double Dark (DD): D/D


Gold Marble
Silver Gold Marble: Gm/+
Gold Marble: Gm/Gm

When combined with Stripeless (Gm/Gm,S/S or Gm.g,S/S) )they are called KOI.