September already!?!

Your webslave webmaster has been busy, and remiss in his duties to get this posting out.  Please attend, please bring a friend.  If you don’t have any friends, we’re not picky, rent one.

Our speaker for September is Chuck Breiter, he will be speaking on Low Tech Planted Tank techniques.  Chuck has had over 45 years of experience with Tropical Fish. 35 of those years he has been directly involved in the retail pet field. He is a generalist in his experience, but, in the last few years has focused on cultivating aquarium plants using low tech methods that are conducive to the health of fish.
Currently, Chuck has 20 aquariums ( all without filters) and 2 outdoor ponds. He has been an active member of the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyist Club and Madison Aquatic Gardeners Club.

The presentation will discuss why live plants fell out of favor and why they are regaining so much popularity. The discussion will cover his personal experience and growth in the art of cultivating plants. It will also get into the benefits of an all natural low tech symbiotic plant/fish aquarium set up. It will include a discussion on substrate, water quality, and lighting. Further, the presentation will cover whether there is a need for higher tech methods , such as supplemental fertilization, CO2, and the use of
higher intensity lighting. There also will be a “how to” demonstration of any easy start, low tech aquarium set up. The discussion will be done in very practical easy to apply terms.  Included, will be a discussion on plants that have flourished under the all natural conditions and what would be good for the beginner.


The first half hour is for introductions and catching up.  Doors close and our speaker will begin as promptly at 7 as is possible. During the presentation, please  be respectful of the other attendees, as well as the speaker and take any private discussions to the bar, only exit through the rear of the room, and please silence your phones. 



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