November General Meeting

The next general meeting of the MAS will be Friday, November 16.

Presentation:  Matt Pederson – Building a Marine Breeding Fish Room

Matt Pederson is one of the most successful hobbyist breeder of marine fish.  He is very active as a writer and speaker at marine events around the nation, and is THE breeder entrusted with the Lightning Clown Project (click on the name to see what it is all about).  Matt is also very active with the conservation and preservation of the bangui cardinalfish, and recently completed the construction of a very high tech fish room specifically designed as a breeding/research facility for working with bangui cardinals… in his basement… in Duluth, MN.  Matt is coming to Milwaukee to tell us all about what he is up to.  Even if you do nto keep marine fish, there are plenty of fish room tips to learn in this program!

Also at this meeting:

  • BAP, CAP and HAP submission/auction
  • PAP door prizes (maybe?)
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