March General Meeting

The next general meeting of the MAS will be Friday, March 15th.

Meet up with MAS Friday March 15th, 7:30pm at Hoffers Tropic Life on 76thst. and Good Hope road! Our speaker will be Michael Laursen giving a talk on “Terrestrial biotopes in the aquarium.”  It will focus on building a home for this group of Phyllobates terriblis, this includes preparing a soil mix for tropical plants, Realistic environments with commonly found items.


Join us for an interesting talk, raffles, mini auction, and fun!

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2 Responses to March General Meeting

  1. sora rauch says:

    does anyone have a 4-6ft tower aquarium that they can sell or lend to our school. we are creating an exhibit and need to use this as the room’s centerpiece.

  2. Rob McLure says:

    Hi Sora,
    I have asked around the club and I haven’t found anyone with that kind of tank (at least that they aren’t already using). I’ll ask at the MAS general meeting next Friday night, but I think that might be a tough one to find. If I can’t find anyone maybe I can make some recommendations as to where you might be able to find one.



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