June General Meeting

The next general meeting of the MAS will be Friday, June 21st, 7:30 pm at Hoffer’s Tropic Life Pets.


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In January of 2013 Milwaukee Aquarium Society became an official member club of the nationwide CARES preservation program –  http://www.carespreservation.com .  In our June meeting we will go over the rules an rewards for participation in the CARES program, hand out certificates to the 3 members that are currently keeping 8 different species on the CARES priority list – http://www.carespreservation.com/priority_list.html Most importantly we will talk about and view images of the different fish on the priority list and how to obtain them.   In addition we will have the BAP program awards handed out, the usual mini-auction, raffles, and fun! Current MAS member Rob McLure will be presenting the CARES program

Rob McLure Bio:

Rob McLure has been keeping tropical fish since before he reached his 10th birthday.  At the age of 12 he was able to breed and raise some guppys in a used 10 gallon aquarium in his room, but a broken seal, a wet 2nd story bedroom floor, a ceiling drywall repair, and an unhappy father put an end to his fishkeeping days until college.  At the University of Wisconsin Rob and his roomates developed MTS or Multi-Tank-Syndrome, and the rest is history! While currently serving on the board of the Milwaukee Aquarium Society Rob’s primary interests are Corydoras and fish that are “at risk” in the wild. He currently has more than 30 aquaria in his small basement “fishroom”, and has bred more than 40 species of fish. He hopes to keep doing so until he goes “Belly-up!”

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