October 2013

Don’t forget – this month features our MAS Fall Auction!  The Auction takes place at New Berlin Bowl (16000 W. Cleveland Ave., New Berlin, WI 53151) on Sunday, October 13th.  10:00 AM for seller check-in and buyer viewing, 12:00 PM the Auction begins!

The speaker for this month is Karen Randall


The talk she will be giving is called –Modern Aquascape Design

– For a club that has a lot of people involved in planted tanks, this is a really fun talk.  It is interactive, with audience participation REQUIRED.  It gets people really thinking about why they like a certain style, and how to decorate a tank thoughtfully, using classic design principles.  It is useful even for those who want nicer tanks without a single plant, and I’ve even been told by a number of reef keepers that it has helped them avoid the “produce cart” look in their tanks.<g>  It’s also just a “pretty picture show” for those who haven’t seen really top notch planted tanks.

Here is a little bit about Karen:

Karen Randall grew up with aquariums as a child.  While experienced in many facets of the aquarium hobby, as an adult her focus turned to a concentration in planted display aquariums and the study and propagation of aquatic plants.  Her articles and photography have been published in six languages in 9 countries.  For many years she authored the monthly column, “Sunken Gardens” in Aquarium Fish Magazine. She is an international speaker on aquarium subjects.

Karen is past president of the Boston Aquarium Society, and serves on the board of the Aquatic Gardeners Association.  She was editor of the AGA magazine, The Aquatic Gardener for 5 years and is now technical editor of the magazine.  She has served as a judge for both the AGA Aquascaping Contest and the Aqua Design Amano International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest since their inception.   In 2010 she had the pleasure to serve as a speaker and jury member for the prestigious live international contest, “The Art of the Planted Aquarium” held in Hannover, Germany.  She has also served as a consultant on several major projects at public aquaria.

She has traveled extensively in South and Central America and South East Asia as well as the southern parts of the U.S. to study aquatic plants and biotopes in the wild.  In Brazil she has assisted with Project Piaba, a conservation program in the Amazon centered on the aquarium fish trade.  She regularly does programs on these topics as well as aquatic gardening for groups ranging from aquarium clubs, school children, garden clubs and church organizations.

Karen started a program a number of years ago to put aquariums in many classrooms in the local public elementary schools.  Now, with her own children grown, this program is still going strong.  In 2003 she was awarded the Northeast Council of Aquarium Society’s Betty Mueller Award; a life-time award for her outreach work and other contributions to the aquarium hobby.

And of course we will have our monthly mini-auction and drawings.  Look forward to seeing you there!

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