The Splash / Meeting Minutes

The Splash, the journal and newsletter of the MAS, is published six times per year.  The publication includes meeting minutes, announcements, articles and advertisements from our sponsors.

We like to exchange the Splash with other societies for their publications.  If your society wants to establish an exchange with the MAS, please contact the Splash editor:  [email protected]

Reprints of original articles published in the Splash are permitted.  Please do not reprint articles that we have reprinted from another society’s journal without first contacting that society.  When reprinting an article from the Splash, please:

  • credit the author, the Splash and the Milwaukee Aquarium Society
  • send two copies of the issue containing the reprint to the address below, one for the club and the other for the author

Milwaukee Aquarium Society, 13125 Scarborough Dr, New Berlin, WI 53151


Splash Issues
January 2016 Splash!
Splash-Sept 2015
December 2013 Splash
October 2013 Splash
June 2013 Splash
April 2013 Splash
February 2013 Splash


General Meeting Minutes:

Feb 2017 MAS General Mtg Minutes
November 2016 General Meeting Minutes
August 2016 General Meeting Minutes
June 2016 General Meeting Minutes
May 2016 General Meeting Minutes
Mar 2016 MAS General Mtg Minutes
Feb 2016 MAS General Mtg Minutes
Jan 2016 MAS General Mtg Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Feb 2017 MAS Board Mtg Minutes
November 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
August 2016 Board Minutes
June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes
Apr 2016 MAS Board Minutes
Mar 2016 MAS Board Minutes
Jan 2016 MAS Board Minutes – Minutes from January 2016 meeting of the MAS board

 Previous Years’ Splash Editions

June 2012 Splash
April 2012 Splash
February 2012 Splash

December 2011 Splash
October 2011 Splash
August 2011 Splash
April 2011 Splash

 December 2010

October 2010
February 2009
Splash December 2007-January 2008
Splash October-November 2007
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